About RegenIOWA

Merlin Yockstick

Founder - Educator - Entrepreneur - Publisher

Educator - Entrepreneur - Publisher of Earth Book - World's First Environmental Atlas - Founder of RegenlOWA and Co-Founder of World Food Bank America (WFBA Fund). In partnership with the WFBA Fund and the Open Future Coalition, he is creating the RegenBIG10 and a 50-state farmer-focused initiative to Solve Climate, and Food Insecurity with Regen AG and Biological-Carbon Farming. 12.5.22 he and a group of 700 farmers planted the seeds for a "New Green Revolution with More Green and that starts with the Soil. "Man - despite his artistic pretensions, his sophistication and his many accomplishments - owes his existence to a 6 inch layer of topsoil and the fact that it rains. So God made the Farmer." - Paul Harvey